The weight of a wall panel manufactured using our technology is several times less than a reinforced concrete panel. Therefore, the construction site does not need a special expensive equipment such as a tower crane. Just a wheel crane will be sufficient.

First, the wall panel is put on the reinforcement column and concrete is poured into it. This process can be applied even at minus 30 degrees. Concrete does not freeze inside the panel, heat is released inside the panel due to hydration and chemical reaction. Gross concrete does not occur as in the walls formed with bricks and blocks. While laying the brick, the seams freeze instantly, but in our technology, the concrete poured into the panel does not.

In our technology, there is no need to use expensive and specific vehicles to transport the panels, therefore any vehicle can be used.

Our facades are infinitely diverse, both in color and geometry. Our company has developed and tested more than 500 types of facades and balconies that allow us to achieve a wider variety of building appearances. Our technology makes it possible to create almost any type of architecture, from a simple house to a complex multi-story residence.

The facade part of the panels is cast as fabrication, which does not require any additional processing on the exterior of the building. Fiber-reinforced concrete is used on the outer layer of the front face of the panel, which gives a delicate surface quality.

The size of the panel in an ordinary reinforced concrete structure is large and the rebar used per square meter is very high. In panel body construction, high quality metal reinforcement is used, which is not really necessary, to achieve the bearing strength of the panel. Transport is only needed to move and lift the panel, although no metal is needed on the wall. Since a non-reinforced part cannot be lifted with a crane, only reinforcement mesh is laid inside our wall panel. The small format of the wall allows for less use of reinforcing steel. For this reason, our technology has a great advantage in terms of material consumption.

The panels are positioned horizontally to prevent the insulation from falling off as the concrete is poured into the molds. All kinds of heaters can be applied in our panels.

After demolding, the steel molds and their plastic parts are made ready for reuse and the panels ready for shipment are shipped to the field after being stored. There is no waste in the transition from one facade model to another. No mold is discarded, it is melted to become another plastic mold without losing the quality and weight of the plastic. Used molds are cut into small pieces and new panels are made, and new molds are created to make panels from these sheets.

Wall panels can be produced using many different types of raw materials, which allows the panels to be produced anywhere in the country. For example, they can be made of lightweight concrete such as expanded clay concrete, aerated concrete, pumice concrete, vermiculite concrete or expanded polystyrene concrete. It is also possible to use concrete made from materials such as sawdust, felt, textile fibers. This gives the panels excellent insulating properties. If desired, insulation methods such as pouring, filling or laying can be used today.

The speed of panel production can be extremely high. Industrially, it is possible to produce two to three thousand panels per day. This is the only technology in the world built on the conveyor principle, based on the continuous and reversible use of molds for the production of wall panels


DAHIR CONSTRUCTION has developed a new and original technology for the rapid construction of quality housing and urban transformation projects.
The basis of the system is based on the new universal wall panel. Our technology combines the advantages of monolith and factory production of building parts.
The novelty of the solution is that the panel is both a wall and a supporting column at the same time. The column is embedded in the panel. For this purpose, a special space is left for the column while the panel is being produced.

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